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BitBounce — a blockchain-based email spam service — has recently surpassed 600,000 active users and is growing at a monthly rate of roughly 12 percent, according to founder and CEO Stewart Dennis.

With a similar model to, BitBounce aims to mitigate email spam by paying users in cryptocurrency for every message they receive from an unfamiliar sender.

The Spam Problem

Anyone with an email is familiar with how consistently frustrating spam is that clogs your inbox. Further, sometimes emails that you would like to receive in your primary inbox are diverted to your spam folder as part of the native filter of whatever email service you’re using.

Email spam can also lead to phishing attempts and malware. According to Kaspersky Lab, the share of spam in email traffic amounted to 56.63 percent. Cryptocurrencies were explicitly identified as an emerging spam trend with emails involving seminars, cloud mining services, and targeted cryptocurrency address spam cited as significant methods of fraud and email spam in 2017.

Spam is also credited with costing the global economy upwards of $20 billion per year.

BitBounce Monetizing Spam

BitBounce’s burgeoning popularity shouldn’t really come as a surprise. BitBounce effectively monetizes emails from unknown sources (usually spam) by creating an autoresponder when an unknown entity attempts to send you an email.

The sender has the option to send the email for a fee using multiple payment methods including debit cards, Bitcoin, or PayPal. BitBounce diverts unpaid emails to the ‘unpaid’ folder if the sender declines. If they accept paying for delivering the email, BitBounce processes the payment and rewards the user in the native Credo token, while retaining 30 percent.

Users can manage a whitelist where the autoresponder is disabled for specific subsets of people that the user knows or interacts with regularly. The service works with all major email providers including Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

BitBounce also contains an internal exchange — the CredoEx exchange — where the Credo token can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. To retain users, BitBounce is even creating an enterprise version for companies to send paid emails to users, compensating them for their time.

BitBounce has a simple yet effective method for removing unwanted emails from your inbox by incentivizing you for your attention through cryptocurrency payments. Email spam has long been a nuisance for everyone, and solutions like BitBounce are rapidly garnering user adoption for their convenience and effectiveness.

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