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Blockstream — a leading Bitcoin development company — has announced its ‘Liquid Core’ multi-platform desktop wallet for transacting in Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC).  

Liquid is one of Blockstream’s featured products and is a sidechain that functions as an inter-exchange settlement network for improving liquidity and issuing digital assets. Liquid Core will provide Liquid users a more user-friendly experience for accessing Liquid than the previous Command-Line Interface (CLI) requirement.

Liquid Gathering Momentum

Liquid was launched with much fanfare as a valuable tool for exchanges, brokers, market makers, and trading desks. Sidechains are blockchains tethered to a root chain, and the root chain is Bitcoin in the case of Liquid.

Liquid also offers Confidential Transactions (CTs) for privacy among a host of other features such as issuing tokenized assets like fiat currencies and reduced settlement times on trading.

Liquid Core is a gateway for depositing/withdrawing L-BTC from participating exchanges, and transaction details are hidden from third-parties with CTs, offering much better privacy assurances for users.

“Users that are familiar with the Bitcoin Core wallet will feel right at home in Liquid Core, but it’s a simple enough application that anyone should be able to pick it up,” details Blockstream.

Liquid Core is based on Bitcoin’s codebase and needs to run in parallel with a Bitcoin core full node. Blockstream also provides a more in-depth guide for users looking to access the full features of the new Liquid Core desktop wallet.

Blockstream plans on implementing more functionality into Liquid Core in the future, including a more user-friendly interface outside of the CLI for issuing assets.

Blockstream’s Progress is Impressive

Blockstream continues to push innovation in Bitcoin, with a slew of products from their Liquid Sidechain to their c-Lightning Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) implementation. Their Cryptocurrency Data Feed is in partnership with the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) — the company behind the New York Stock Exchange — and Blockstream Satellite broadcasts 24/7 coverage of Bitcoin’s blockchain to most of the world.

The company was co-founded by cryptographers and Bitcoin pioneers Adam Back, Pieter Wiulle, Erik Svenson, Gregory Maxwell, and others back in 2014 — followed by a $21 million funding round.

Since then, the company has established itself as a leading Bitcoin and blockchain development company, offering highly polished tools and products at the edge of innovation in the broader Bitcoin ecosystem.

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