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Casa — the multi-sig personal key management service — announced the release of its Casa Lightning Node yesterday. Functioning as a full Bitcoin and Lightning node hardware device, the Casa Node is designed to easily run your own Bitcoin and Lightning node at home or your office.

The Product

The Casa Lightning Node is a physical gateway to the Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) that allows you to make and receive payments over LN channels. It is the first full-featured, pre-assembled LN device that allows for a plug-and-play setup with a web-based management interface for interacting with and adjusting the gateway settings. The node has an auto-pilot channel management feature and consists of a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and a 1TB Seagate hard drive.

The product was announced by Michael Borglin, a member of the Lightning Ramp team who joined Casa to integrate their key management software with their LN experience. Building a Lightning node device requires high-quality security software for key management since they are at risk of attack as personal devices.

Casa provides a multi-sig key management service focusing on a 3-of-5 multi-sig wallet that requires at least 3 signatures from 5 different devices to approve a Bitcoin transaction. Although pricey — the Casa subscription is $10,000 per year — and targeted towards large cryptocurrency holders, their key management service is one of the most secure ways for individuals to store large sums of cryptocurrency.

Using Casa’s key management software enabled Borglin and the Lightning Ramp team to release a secure and easy to use personal Lightning node device.

Furthering Lightning Network Adoption

Products like Casa’s Lightning Node are important steps to furthering the adoption of the Lightning Network by reducing the barrier to entry for users. The node looks similar to a Google Home Mesh Router and is specifically designed to be easy to set up with the Bitcoin blockchain already pre-downloaded.

The Lightning Network requires widespread use to increase its capacity and work effectively as a scaling solution for Bitcoin. The node is still in the early adopter sale for $300 and won’t ship until October, but it should create a much simpler interface and experience for users to plug into the LN and understand how it works.

Eventually, Casa’s Lightning Node and similar products will allow users to use the LN without needing to understand its underlying complexity. User-friendliness and familiarity with the technology are two of the most significant hurdles facing the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Perhaps sooner than expected, buying a cup of coffee using the Bitcoin LN will be a simple and trivial experience for all types of users.

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