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A few dapps running on EOS have started to gain some traction, according to DappRadar’s new EOS Beta Dapp Tracker. With pressing scalability concerns facing Ethereum and sustainable user bases hard to come by due to gas costs, EOS dapps represent an alternative for many developers looking to build more scalable dapps.

EOSBet & EOS Knights

There are currently only 10 EOS dapps available for activity tracking on DappRadar. However, a couple have shown some promise so far in both daily users and volume spent.

EOSBet is a commercial scale smart casino with a beta dice game available to play now on EOS. Recently launched this month, EOSBet has a 7-day volume of more than $20 million in EOS spent on the dapp. It has also seen over 630,000 transactions in the last 7 days with a 24-hour user volume of just under 500.

For comparison, IDEX currently leads Ethereum dapps’ 7-day spending volume with more than $7 million. However, IDEX — a popular decentralized exchange — has almost four times as many users as EOSBet with a 24-hour volume of just under 1,700 users. Ethereum dapps in general still have a much larger overall user base than EOS with a much more diverse offering and relatively consistent 7-day spending volumes across the top 20 dapps.

EOS Knights is another EOS dapp gaining some traction with more than 900 users in the last 24 hours. Although its total volume spent in the previous 7 days is less than $35,000, it is one of the first EOS mobile games scheduled to be available on both the Google Play and Apple iOS stores.

Current Trends

Ethereum scalability issues are well established and largely contributing to diminishing user bases of many dapps running on its blockchain. The DPoS consensus model of EOS allows it to scale much better for dapps built on its blockchain and many of the dapps on it have zero costs and fees.

The consensus of EOS and other aspects of the platform have been pretty polarizing since its official launch in June; however, it remains a viable alternative to many developers looking to build more sustainable applications for users. Prohibitively high gas costs make many dapps untenable for average users, and the removal of such fees on EOS is a more familiar structure to many mainstream application users.

It’s still early, so there are some fairly obvious reasons that are driving the early activity of dapps like EOSBet, particularly that it recently launched and is one of the first gambling dapps running on EOS. DappRadar is still working on supporting more EOS dapps too so it will be interesting to watch the development of activity being monitored on their site over the coming months.

DappRadar is an excellent tool for monitoring dapp activity and can offer some useful insights into the popularity of favorite genres and user trends for Ethereum and now EOS. Further adoption of EOS will see more dapps created over the next few months, and their development will eventually provide a useful comparison of both their positive and negative components relative to Ethereum.

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