Select Page has recently rebranded to as part of its transition to its phase 2 practical application of its influencer algorithm. is a unique mathematical algorithm that maps how much attention individual influencers in the cryptocurrency community receive. The algorithm employed is called PeopleRank and is a useful tool for newcomers to the cryptocurrency community to familiarize themselves with where attention is focused within the industry. Analytics ranks identities based on the attention they receive. The PeopleRank algorithm uses a 2nd order metric, meaning it not only takes into account the people that pay attention to influencers, but also the people that pay attention to the people following the influencers.

Currently, only uses data from Twitter but is planning on integrating data from other platforms, including decentralized sources. launched as nine months ago and recently completed its phase 1 experimental phase. This phase consisted of building out and testing the algorithm predicated on attention.

The current phase 2 is focused on building practical applications with the technology such as lists of influential individuals within specific communities, profiles of individuals, and personal analytics tools.

Since the launch in January, has received more than 27,000 unique users, had over 39,000 sessions, and their tweets have had more than 1 million impressions. Eventually, will open their API for transparent access to its analytics tools.

Using Hive.One’s Metrics’s available metrics on crypto influencers on their homepage is not only an excellent tool for newcomers to the cryptocurrency space to more efficiently acquaint themselves with prominent figures, but also provides some great insights.

Andreas Antonopoulos — the popular Bitcoin author and thought leader — tops the list with an overall score of 676. Vitalik Buterin and Nick Szabo follow as second and third, respectively. The rest of the top 15 is interwoven with technical experts like Adam Back of Blockstream (also creator of HashCash) and prominent business figures such as Erik Vorhees (Shapeshift) and Brian Armstrong (Coinbase).

Scores for influencers are also diverted into subclusters for specific cryptocurrency groups such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. A more diverse offering for users is part of’s ongoing development. Clicking on individual influencers also brings up brief biographical information on them such as their background, occupation, and top followers.

For major influencers, is building a personal analytics dashboard that supplies influencers with real-time score adjustments and a weekly digest of accounts that show them attention. There is currently a waiting list for the personal analytics tool, and eventually, it will be a permissionless and decentralized metric service.

Importantly, does not collect any public data. Tools like are yet another example of the ongoing development of practical metrics for onboarding new users and offering useful insights into the cryptocurrency market.

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