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Github recently released its annual State of The Octoverse Report reviewing the last 365 days on Github and the magnitude of development on the platform. Github has experienced massive growth in 2018 alone, substantiating the notion of increasing global collaboration on both public and private projects.

There are some fascinating takeaways from the report, including over 96 million repositories hosted on Github in 2018 and more than 31 million developers contributing to the platform. Ethereum is currently the fifth fastest growing open-source project on Github, doubling in size over 2018.

People & Platform

More than 8 million developers joined Github in 2018, contributing to the more than 31 million currently on the platform. There are now more than 2.1 million organizations on Github, representing a 40 percent increase from the previous year.

Collaboration on software development has truly reached a global scale and is trending towards even more diverse geographical projects. According to the report — although the U.S. has the most contributors to Github out of any country — more than 80 percent of users are from outside the U.S. China and India are second and third behind the U.S., respectively, and more open-source projects have been created in Asia over the course of 2018 than any other region.

Surprisingly, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Egypt lead the way out of countries with the most organizations created in the last year, more than doubling their number of new organizations from the previous year. Open-source projects are experiencing enormous growth outside of the U.S. too, with over 500k developers contributing to open-source projects located from areas across the globe.

Github has experienced 33 percent growth in apps this year including doubling the number of apps installed this year compared to last year. The Github marketplace — where apps and tools are available for developers — also grew by 62 percent in 2018, signaling the power of open marketplaces for shared developer tools. Github has further issued more than 5 million vulnerability alerts for open-source projects on the platform, with more than 800k of them already resolved.


There are over 96 million total repositories and 200 million pull requests on Github in 2018 and more than a third of the total pull requests were created this year. The top 5 open-source projects by the number of contributors in 2018 are:

  1. Microsoft/vscode
  2. Facebook/react-native
  3. tensorflow/tensorflow
  4. angular/angular-cli
  5. MicrosoftDocs/azure-docs

Representing cryptocurrencies in open-source project growth is Ethereum, which doubled in size by percent increase in contributors. Ethereum is accompanied by other burgeoning projects focusing on the likes of machine learning, gaming, and 3D printing.

Microsoft leads in the way in the number of open-source contributions made by employees of an organization, followed by Google and Red Hat.

React, android, and nodejs led all topics on the platform in 2018, respectively. By percent increase in the number of contributors, hacktoberfest led the way in fastest growing topics followed by pytorch and machine. Dapps came in fourth among the most rapidly growing topics on the platform and cryptocurrency was sixth with smart contracts sitting at ninth. Out of the top 10 fastest growing topics on Github in 2018, there were 3 cryptocurrency-related topics, characterizing the meteoric rise of the technology.

The top programming languages on the platform are led by JavaScript and Java, which have remained steady at first and second since 2014 when the Octoverse Report was first released. The fastest growing programming languages include Kotlin, HCL, and TypeScript. Kotlin experienced 2.6 times growth in the number of contributors through 2018.

Github’s Octoverse Report is an excellent metric for the state of collaborative software development and the sheer size of both private and open-source projects. Clearly, the growth detailed by the report demonstrates how popular global, open-source projects are becoming. Right in the mix of this proliferation are cryptocurrencies, building community-driven projects with a novel technology.

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