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Truffle — the popular open-source Ethereum smart contracts development environment and testing framework — recently surpassed 1 million lifetime downloads. Truffle is one of three primary tools in the Truffle Suite, along with Ganache and Drizzle.

Truffle provides some excellent smart contract tools for developers, and it has the most downloads out of the three offerings in the Truffle Suite. For comparison, Ganache has roughly 450,000 lifetime downloads, and Drizzle has approximately 13,000.

Truffle Suite Tools

Truffle Suite tools are designed to make a developer’s life more comfortable in building in the Ethereum ecosystem by offering testing frameworks, a personal Ethereum blockchain for testing, front-end libraries, and more.

Truffle’s downloads are up 33 percent in the last 3 months despite a brief decline in downloads in September. Ganache — a personal Ethereum blockchain for testing — has seen even more accelerated growth with an increase in downloads of 36 percent over the last 3 months and a robust month-over-month positive download growth since its inception in October 2017. Drizzle — a collection of front-end libraries for dapp user interfaces — has also experienced solid growth, increasing its downloads by 17 percent over the last 3 months.

Ethereum continues to be a dominant developer environment within the cryptocurrency community. According to Github’s Annual Octoverse Report, Ethereum is the fifth fastest growing open-source project on its platform in the world. Truffle Suite is not part of Ethereum’s open-source project on Github, but it assuredly provides developers within the essential tools that augment their capabilities and foster the onboarding of more developers onto the platform.

Ethereum continues to persist as the largest development community in the cryptocurrency industry outside of Bitcoin. The consistent development on Ethereum comes in spite of scalability issues and concerns over the direction of the platform after it transitions to proof of stake and the potentially reduced role of its creator Vitalik Buterin.

Open-source frameworks like Truffle are excellent gauges of how far the cryptocurrency ecosystem has come. Tools for developers in the early stages of the technology were not widely available at all, and the proliferation of Drizzle focusing on user-friendly interfaces is a vital step for bridging the disconnect with the mainstream. One of the biggest hurdles facing broader adoption of cryptocurrencies and dapps is the lack of user-friendly interfaces. Further, access to developer tools like Truffle Suite will attract more developers who are looking to enter the cryptocurrency space but don’t know where to start.

Open-source development tools are clearly emerging as the standard for building powerful projects. The Truffle Suite demonstrates this well as it has experienced continually robust growth over its lifetime and has become a practical tool for going from conception to functional dapp on Ethereum.

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